Board of directors

Ron Argotsinger, Music Director

Charlie Wright , President

Jon-Paul Frappier, Vice President

Tim Stevens, Secretary

Shirley Jervis, Treasurer

Jennifer van de Kamp, At-Large Member

Holly Dent, At-Large Member

Dave Leslie, At-Large Member

Ciara Shoemaker, At-Large Member


Additional Staff

Executive Director, Lara Smedley

Concertmaster, Carrie Beeder

Holly Dent, Personnel Manager

Betsy Nelms, Librarian

Justin Mathis, Web Master

Ciarra Shoemaker, Marketing & Social Media

Tim Stevens, Grant Writer

Robin Ziemann, Hospitality

Dennis Rawley, Communications


The Denver Pops Orchestra mission is to:

  • Provide a continuing musical experience for musicians of the community

  • Serve the community through the performance of familiar music with broad audience appeal

  • Provide familiar music for dances, benefits, parties and other social events for public and private entities

  • Assist young musicians with their musical education